Goodspeed IT Consulting Inc.

Security auditing, Programming, debugging, agile training and coaching.
Specialties: Security, Ruby, Python, TDD.
Certifications:CISSP, OSCP, CSM, PMP.

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My Recent Projects

Here are some projects I've been involved with recently.


900feet Inc

Geocuration services.

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Risk assessment.

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Unique Solutions

Me-ality clothing sizing.

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Ben had a knack for getting things done. He was able to quickly understand what was going on in a given situation, and was always pushing forward on the solution.

- Rex Madden, Cyrus Innovation

Who am I


Ben Goodspeed

M.Sc, CISSP, OSCP, CSM, PMP. Agile software developer and coach.

Based in Halifax, NS. TDD and Security assessment specialist.

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